Find me

Let me tempt you

Use you

Crease you

I am the reason of all sins

Forget the light

Embrace me

Remember in you I survive 



The Tale of The Snow Tree

My hands shook
 the knife in my hands
 dipped in the crimson
 of my lover

The crimson tainted
 the cream wall in
 the most beautiful way
 Masterpiece truly

I threw the knife away
 and put his head
 on my lap,wiped
 the crimson off his brows

I looked at his evil
 sapphire eyes for long
 waiting for him to
 hurt me

I dragged his body
 into the beautiful snow
 I took him to the tree
 The tree where hell started

The tree was bare
 even the stars could
 see it clearly
 and he laid there

It looked like he was
 merely enjoying the view
 and tainting the snow
 with his vile presence

I sat beside him
 looked at him for the last
 timeĀ and let my life
 slip from my fingers

Now I live here in this
 tree to tell the tale of
 my gone life
 The Tale of The Snow Tree.