The Bride


The pale hand
The golden band
The white dress
Giving me a stress

Brown cascading hair
Leaving me bare
The narrow aisle
Erupting my bile

Something new
Now getting few
Something blue
Giving me a clue

Something old
Making me feel bold
Something borrowed
Got my neck swallowed

The cold shiver
Making me stiffer
Keeping heels steady
I am ready

The new start
Now my dart
The new brave
That’s all I crave



Coming to an end


I sit on this Piano stool,


Allowing myself to remember, the

Meandering emotions of youth,


Delicate smiles of innocence, the

Years that passed by.

In the vows we said forever,

Never thought the crescendo would end.

Gone! Everything gone.


When I look at myself,

I only see the void.

Time betrayed us,

Her death should have been a clue.

Oh! How hard it was losing her but,

United we stood

Taking care of each other.


Yesterday seemed so happy but,

Ominous lord says tomorrow must come,

Unfeelingly I let a tear drop slip.

The Death Song


The scream of the curling blood

The gloomy march of monotony

The cries at the eve of the dusk

Calling upon the Grim Reaper


The pain inflicted by blunt knife

The tears of the unholy time

Scavengers waiting in the sky

Calling upon the Grim Reaper


The Reaper shall appear to surprise

However hard you do to survive

Thy Lord shall win and take your soul

Thy Lord the Lord of Death


The creature whose ally is the shadow

The bearer of thy lost souls

By  the rival of time

Is thy Lord of Death.


Thy Lord of Death, Thy Grim Reaper

Thy soul belongs to thy master

None can win the fight against

The song he plays:

The Melody of Thy Death.



Of My Love For My Lover


In you I find beauty

the beauty that blinds me

that makes my heart grow

the softness of your face refreshes me

I don’t care if you are a man

You are the light I want

You are the chill I need

I love you with all my heart

Only you my love

You might be away from this world

but you still live beside me

that stoic face I see every morning

the eyes which would never open voluntarily

I am happy with the mere presence of your body

and I will never give up on you,



The Circle of Life

My fiancee's ring,
the barrel of my gun,
the compass on the floor,
showing me the dome of my doom.

The circular crescent, 
shining above my head,
showing me the perfect
hole I created.

The increasing diameter of,
round puddle of blood,
the dead moon like face,
showing me the sphere of scandals.

The first breath,
the short life,
the near death,
showing me the circle of life.


Dark Memories

It resides in the darkest corner
Over shadowing the good times 
Ruining the present making me scream

It's coming back to me
Reliving the very moment back to back
squirming, thrashing and crying

There is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
The dark memories have come 



Too cold to be warm
A few more breaths
The tightness in my chest
Slowly coming to rest
The cuffs almost broken
Leading me to unknown
Is this the end ?
Is this freedom?

It is death
That’s all it is.



So bright
yet so blind.
Crying out
help me out
so loud.
Pouring my heart
into the dark.
Holding on,
to the broken pieces
the cuts in my soul
bleeding out.
Begging for mercy
there is none.
Dragging along,
I am so Lost.


The Edge

The sad memories
The happy memories
The void now here
Deciding the after
The things I did
The things I would have done
Now in front of me
Choosing where I go
To heaven
To hell
Pondering upon the final judgement
I close my eyes